The Breath Play Love
Yoga Collective
Making Yoga Accessible to EVERYONE

Breathe Play Love Yoga is a donation-based yoga community. We are an approachable, affordable, and community-driven yoga collective. We honor all yogic styles, practices and philosophies. We believe yoga should be available to EVERYONE, which is why we offer classes by donation (suggested $10-$20). You can pre-register and ensure a spot in class ($10 minimum donation required) or you can drop into the studio without signing up ahead of time (no minimum donation required).  Just yoga. For everyone.


Breathe Play Love Yoga Collective is committed to providing opportunity for students from all walks of life and all ages to experience the many benefits of Yoga.  We are committed to helping Yoga teachers expand their reach, making it easy for students to find the teachers and making it easy for teachers to be supported in sharing of the many benefits of Yoga with the world. 


For many people experiencing the benefits of Yoga is limited by their financial situation. The donation based model makes the practice of Yoga accessible to all.  Our vision is to expand the reach of  yoga in our communities  by supporting teachers in growing their classes, students in having access to the classes, and offering classes specifically to diverse and underserved populations.


For Students: 

You will be able to access your favorite teachers easily through one online platform. Through our donation based model your donations will help support the offering of classes to those who need it most. 

Our goal is to offer classes in the community that are accessible to diverse and underserved populations. Yoga for all ages, all lifestyles classes that are for everybody and “every body.  


Some of the yoga offerings we will share includes yoga for these underserved populations:

Yoga for Mothers, Children, Families,  teens, Yoga for those with limited mobility, Yoga for Recovery, Yoga for those without shelter, Yoga for bigger bodies, Yoga for the aging population, Yoga for grief, Yoga for those living in Poverty, Yoga for those struggling with mental health issues and other underserved populations.


For Teachers: 

Since the Covid Pandemic of 2020 many yoga studios have had to close their doors and many Yoga teachers have been displaced.  Teachers are offering classes at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. Each teacher is faced with the immense task of teaching, marketing, organizing as well as providing a platform where students can find them easily and they can be paid for the service they offer. It is nearly impossible to contend with the gym based model of fitness as an individual teacher. As a collective we hope to support Teachers in finding the success they need to continue to share the many benefits of Yoga with the world.  


If you are a student, teacher, or studio that would like to be part of the collective contact us for more information. 


Together we are stronger than apart.