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5:15pm-615pm     Freestyle Yoga with  Jessica


630pm-8pm         Prenatal yoga with Amber

                           Current series through 6/15/22



Yoga in the Park (not held at Sunrise Studios)

Saturdays 10-11:15 at Flinn Park in Prescott Az

Sundays   10-11:15 at Granite Creek Park in Prescott AZ

yoga at the park is held by community teachers 

experience a variety of local teachers 

at these fun donation based classes. See Events Page for more information.


Yoga at the Park is a community centered endeavor. You have the chance to do yoga with a variety of the highly skilled and talented Yoga Teachers in the Prescott Community.

Every weekend through September at 10:00am

Saturdays at Flinn Park (off Josephine) in Prescott

Sundays at Granite Creek Park in Prescott.


There is no preregistration required, come bring your mat and your bright spirit. 

All classes by donation (suggested $10-$20)

Amber Aten

Amber Aten has been teaching yoga for close to 20 years. She heart-fully shares the practice of yoga in a way that brings the practice off the mat and into the world. In each class there is a strong focus on adapting the practice of Yoga to the individual to support the awareness of the inner wisdom of the body.

She is the founder of the Ananda Lila School of Yoga, offering Yoga healing and coaching full time you can find out more at:


Jessica Leary

Cathy Davis

July .png

Jessica discovered yoga in the early 2000's when she took her first class along side some fellow high school teachers as a way to relieve stress and find fitness. It has been an integral part of her life since then.

Jessica has been teaching group fitness classes since 2013, and she especially loves to teach both yoga and Pilates. Providing options for all levels of fitness and mobility, allowing each individual to find comfort, fun and challenges within each class is her passion.  She also loves to hike, run, and walk her dog.


Check out her website for upcoming Yoga Hikes in the Prescott area.​

I came to my first yoga class when I was in my twenties, and although I liked it, I never did it again.  Then when I was in my 50’s I was reintroduced to yoga, and this time, life experiences caused me to be more open to the lessons of yoga.   I enjoyed the peace of mind so much that I became an instructor.  Originally, like most of us, I came to yoga for the physical benefits. Yoga does offer so many proven benefits– strength, flexibility, balance, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and weight control. But as I stayed, I learned the greater gifts of yoga.  When you are on your mat, you are instructed to go inside to the deepest parts of you and see what is there. And if you commit to your practice, self discovery becomes a habit.   And when you consistently listen to your mind and your body and the messages they send, you will like what you see.  You are a perfect creation.  And because you like yourself, you are inspired to take care of your body and to make healthier choices.  It is all connected.  Yoga is about self care.  For me, seeing what my body can do has helped me develop courage and confidence and it continues to inspire me to keep trying in all areas of my life and to step out of my comfort zone.  And seeing what you are made of is fun and it keeps you young.  Besides working on flexibility, we strengthen our muscles because you want your muscles to move you and take weight off your spine and other joints.  

Cathy Davis, MA, RYT


Lauren Director


Lauren Director 200HR E-RYT

Lauren Director is an experienced yoga professional with an extensive background teaching yin yoga, vinyasa, guided meditation, breathwork, and restorative yoga.


Lauren’s yoga philosophy is to empower students and teachers to embrace the core tenets of these yoga styles and lead them on a healing journey of body, mind and spirit.


Lauren recognizes the Light within each of us that exists in the eternal Now. Her  yoga practice harmonizes and strengthens the body to be in service to that inner Light.

By intuitively tailoring all practices to suit students’ individual needs and goals, Lauren’s framework has produced transformative upgrades and empowering breakthroughs for many individual practitioners. Lauren offers unconditional

support for your upward journey, as a mentor and friend, to invite a greater sense of overall well-being into your life.


Lauren moved to Arizona, after formally teaching group classes and private yoga in New York. She received her 200HR Yoga Teaching Certification under the guidance

of Leah Hartofelis at Breathe N Flow Yoga, and is grateful to have studied Kundalini Yoga Therapy with Guru Dharam. Lauren is a practitioner of Angelic Earth Resonance which is a form of somatic energy healing utilizing toning, light

language, and sound healing.

Niki Shields


Welcome to Elements of Sound & Healing with Niki Shields.

Niki has over 15 years experience and the Holistic Healing Arts. She started out with sound meditation and learn from three different Master Teachers in Phoenix and started to play on her own over the last 15 years. Niki has a background in energy healing and transformative NLP - neuro-linguistic programming life coaching and many other services and which you can find on her website


When you join class each week you will feel better in your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Sound healing helps you to release what no longer serves you, helps to release stress, anxiety, depression, fear and so much more. It regulates and balances the central nervous system and allows you to BE in the present moment healing all aspects of oneself too come back to center.

One thing that you can count on that you will have a different experience each time you experienced the many different instruments played.


Bless your hearts,


You can find out more about Niki's Healing work at

Candace Lea


Abby Hill

You can find Abby's Facebook page at Abb’s Buti Yoga. She received her Buti Cert in 2021 right after an intense 3 week backpacking trip. She has been teaching steadily ever since. In her free time she loves to dance, go to the gym, spend time with family/partner, friends, and read.

Originally studied nutrition for a year but then recently graduated from Prescott College she is an active advocate for sustainability. Her classes will leave you feeling refreshed, accomplished, giddy, and empowered. She loves to bring in some spice with upbeat music, and creative sequencing that comes with the Buti style that will help to awaken the Kundalini and make you sweat! Her goal is to incorporate strength training sequences to help sculpt/tone your body, and embrace dynamic movement to work through the energy centers of the body.

Mandy Ferguson

Mandy headshot .jpg

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years as a way to balance out long distance running and cycling.  My first teacher was in Saratoga Springs, NY and I will always be grateful for encouraging growth, awareness and most of all a sense of fun.  As I began to understand more about yoga, I learned that the pose was just part of yoga and the breath and awareness began to cultivate a quest for more. 


After a move cross-country to Colorado in 2016 I dove in a little deeper and finally decided to do a teacher training and was grateful that my teacher helped me complete this even through the difficulties of 2020 and a move to Arizona.  I am thrilled to be able to bring this to others – to share these human experiences with others.  When I’m not practicing yoga and mala-making I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, travelling and helping out with my family’s landscaping business here in Prescott.

I will be teaching

Slow Flow Yoga for Every Body


A class designed for all Levels and Every Body. This class has flow and connection to breath and will move from one pose to the next while being mindful of our bodies and how we all move differently.   Our goal will be to rejuvenate the body while creating stillness in the mind through intention and awareness. There will be a slower cadence to pause and notice our individual experience during this 50 min/hour long class. Sun salutations, balancing poses and gentle strength poses will be in moderation but explored at your own pace. This class will leave you with the ‘Ahhhh’ feeling and grace that you’ve carved out this time for yourself.


AKA Pickles Lea (Facebook and Instagram) Candace has been practicing Yoga all over the US since 2010. You might find her on her mat in Mexico or California on the beach, or in the woods where she is surrounded by fresh air and nature. In 2021 she decided to take a Yoga Teacher Training to deepen her own practice and would now love to share her passion of Yoga with the community.
Candace teaches a fun, yet peaceful and energetic class that will leave you feeling grounded yet peacefully energized.

Sweet Soul Flow with Candace
A Yoga class for all generations, all body types and all levels of experience. Move your body and breath as you make your way to grounded with energy flowing. This gentle yoga session will help you to move with grace and strength. A gentle, sweet flow that will rejuvinate your soul and warm your body.  


 Candace will bring out the joy that resides inside of you. Laughter and playfulness will abound, along with the deep spiritual connection your heart is yearning for. Your body will move and your spirit will feel rejuvenated! 

Candace Lea


Where are we located?

The Breathe Play Love Collective has the vision of moving beyond the confines of a single studio.

We hope to be a bridge of connection between multiple studios and teachers.

We are currently offering classes

focused in Yavapai County, Arizona. 


We are currently offering classes at:

Sunrise Studio 

612 Miller Valley Road, Prescott AZ 86301


We will be expanding as a collective to offer other classes at different venues both inside and outside. As well as adding new teachers, special events and opportunities!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have as a student or as a teacher about becoming part of the Breathe Play Love Yoga Collective. 

thank you!