Autumn Updates for our beloved BPL Family

Autumn salutations to all of our yogi friends: It is the season of focused gratitude, and we are genuinely grateful for your part in helping us grow! We hope you take a few moments to read through our latest updates, upgrades and upcoming goodness!

Did you know you can easily find, register, and pay for your Breathe Play Love Yoga classes via the MindBody app? Just download it on your phone, create a log in and find Breathe Play Love Yoga Collective in your local listings. From there you can see the schedule, location, instructor, and sign-up! This reserves your place in the class. Of course, you can still do drop-ins too but we wanted to let you know of this added convenience which some are already using. MINDBODY sign-ups are live! Click here to visit our array of classes.

Calling all healers, instructors, body workers and light bringers: we have an event scheduled next week where you can inquire about being a part of our growing Collective. If you are curious about our mission, our work, or our vision in moving forward, please join us for drinks, nibbles and conversation at this Open House. November: a month of Gratitude, Heart Openers & Backbends

Cathy Davis, a founding member of Breathe Play Love Yoga, has created Yoga for Longevity. Since yoga means to yoke or union-- union of the body, mind and spirit-- each month her yoga program yokes a spiritual principle with accompanying asanas or poses. This November, Yoga for Longevity focuses on gratitude with heart openers/ backbends.

Backbends open the chest, abdominal organs, pelvic region & the front side of the body-- the tender, vulnerable side. Many of us are closed down and defended in that area from past hurts. It’s natural to put up a protective shield that prevents us from getting close to people. We attempt to protect ourselves emotionally by closing down, pulling back and contracting our bodies. Closing down is not healthy, though. It makes us feel separate psychologically, and it constricts and restricts vital energy flow, which will inevitably cause us to feel more depressed than we would otherwise, more fearful & less alive. Not to mention that most of us sit in a somewhat cramped position much of the day-- either at a desk, while driving or in front of the TV, which impairs the functioning of the lung and abdominal organs and causes the spinal vertebrae to push backward out of healthy alignment.

Backbends open these closed areas, thereby releasing blocked energy while also building the strength needed to stay open. Strong back muscles developed by backbends make it easy to sit and stand all day. Backbends give you energy because they release tension & blocked energy in your chest & pelvic regions as well as through the ankles, knees, quadriceps, abdominal organs, upper back, neck, shoulders and arms. They encourage youthfulness by keeping the spine supple.

Our deepest wounds can be opportunities for growth and transformation By learning to open our hearts, we’ll be able to forgive, let go of resentment & release fear. Backbending poses open the heart physically & energetically.

Join Cathy at Sunrise Studio at 12:00 on Tuesdays. Classes are small which enables students to have classes tailored to their needs.

You can also attend Super Soul Sunday, Nov 21, 10:00 - 11:30 for a more in-depth workshop-- Gratitude: Heart Openers & Backbends.

Pre-natal Yoga: A Mother's Breath is currently being offered at Sunrise Studios. Led by the knowledgeable and experienced Amber Aten, this series honors the transformation and tranquility of motherhood.

Thank you, to the Mamas and Vibes Juice Bar last month for hosting and taking part in a fun yoga sesh'. Stay tuned for various different BPLYoga Pop-ups around town in the months to come.

Do you know someone new to yoga, or afraid to try their first class? Breathe Play Love Yoga has created an option just for them! What's better is that we've partnered with another Collective in town - Founding Fathers Collective to host the class and they've offered up a coffee or a beer for just one penny following the class. It's just $12 for the yoga class on a drop-in basis. Class passes and other membership options exist as well.

Join in on Saturdays (all levels welcome at both classes) at Founders Gym:

  • 9:00-10:15am is Freestyle Yoga: a practice that blends breathwork, standing balance, a dash of Vinyasa flow, seated postures and relaxation. There is freedom in movement, and room to make this practice your own.

  • 10:30-11:30am is Beer and Basics (aka Yoga for People who don't do Yoga). A Yoga Basics class for the newbies, the hesitant, and the beginners - or people who *think* they can't do yoga. Make it through the class and have a coffee or a beer for a penny at Founding Fathers Collective.

Yoga Hikes in Prescott:

Jessica Leary is launching outdoor yoga events here in the wonderful wilderness that surrounds us in the Prescott area. Guided hikes are “interrupted” by yoga sessions under the great blue canvas of sky for 45-60 minutes. These yoga hikes are offered in various levels, durations and distances. Yoga hikers will bring their own mat and hydration backpack (camelback – style) and Jessica will equip you with a way to attach them so you can hike with your lightweight gear hands-free. In accordance with Breathe Play Love principles, these hikes are offered on a donation scale, ranging from $25-$55 dollars for a several-hours-long outing to build connection with nature, with others in the small group, and with our internal knowing through the power of yoga. Visit for more information.

Yoga Hikes with Jessica Leary, "As is" in AZ Please note that we have made some class scheduling updates for November. Check below or visit our website for a current listing of classes offered.

BPLYoga Classes at Sunrise Studio

BPLYoga at Founders Gym

We are currently tallying up our attendance rosters for our September promotion which is good for a free monthly pass and will be awarded to the person who attends the most number of Breathe Play Love classes during this month. Breathe Play Love Yoga Collective is a non-profit collective of yoga teachers and healers committed to bringing yoga to the people! A percentage from profits from all of our classes go to supporting the sharing of yoga to diverse and under-served populations.

Thank you for your interest and support. We are so grateful for each of you being a part of Breathe Play Love.


The Breathe Play Love Team

Our website is:

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